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Tim Roper

Tim graduated from Brunel University with an Honours Degree in Engineering. He has always had an appreciation of the arts and sculpture in particular. He began sculpting in metal for fun to challenge his engineering skills.

Tim begins a sculpture by drawing it on a computer in CAD software and uses this model to guide him when making the real sculpture. 

tiger 10.jpg
orang 1.jpg
giraffe 10.jpg
ren 1.jpg
crocodile 13.jpg
six foot dandelion.jpg
rhino pre galv 4.jpg
rhino pre galv 2.jpg
marlin 2.jpg
Pagoda vanessa standing cropped.jpg
108 pic.jpg
9'dandelion 1.jpg
buzzard 2.jpg
eagle salmon 3.jpg
heron on pond 1 port.jpg
dragon and phoenix gates sm.jpg
hummingbird 1.jpg
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