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The Pagoda has a steel structure and frame-work with galvanised steel tiles.The seats are made of Oak.

The Dragon features are Gilded.

The price for the Pagoda is £8950

Pagoda vanessa standing.jpg
Pagoda vanessa standing cropped.jpg

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a month travelling around China.
I loved every minute of it, travelling by sleeper train we slowly made our way from Beijing to Xian then to Chengdu, stopping off at many places along the way.

I have been practicing kung-fu for twelve years and had always dreamt of visiting the famous Shaolin Temple at Song Shan.

It seemed that every time we went for a walk weather it be up a sacred mountain or in a small park in a non-descript industrial city, we came across many small garden pavillions (Ting) which were a perfect place to relax and shelter from the intense summer heat.

I quickly became obsessed by these small buildings, taking a picture of each one we came across. They would appear, out of the blue, in the most unlikely places. I knew that a pagoda like this would make the most amazing garden feature. So I resolved that when I got back I would set about creating my own pagoda.


The picture above shows the result.

I returned to China in 2007 for a three month trip and spent some time looking at the famous gardens in Suzhou and Tongli and Shanghai. I also travelled around Haungshan mountains, Wuyuan, Wudang shan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Nanjing and many other places in China. I have taken many pictures of the Gardens and the buildings within them, some are fantastic and some are not.

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