Metal Sculpture by

Christy Bowdler & Tim Roper Tim Roper. Choir Stall Lighting.

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Choir Stall Lighting for Much Wenlock Church.

I was asked to be part of a small team of local craftsmen working to design and construct the new choir stall lighting for the church in Much Wenlock in Shropshire.

The team included:

Tim Roper.
(Design of steel light fittings and shelf supports)

Adam Bunning.
(Design and construction of additional book shelving)

Brendon at Croftdesign.
(Ecclesiastical outfitters)

The choir at Much Wenlock expressed a need to have the shelves on the choir stalls positioned at a much higher level together with good lighting for the Hymn books.

We were asked to design and construct twenty steel shelf supports which would also house LED lighting. The light housing would also support ‘oil candles’ and clear glass shrouding. These supports would hold new Hymn book shelves which would match the existing choir stall oak construction. The twenty supports should be fitted to the existing (very warped and irregular) choir stalls.
The above pictures show the finished results.

We are happy to quote for Choir stall Lighting throughout the UK.

Please email for more details

The video shows a design of light fitting and shelf on CAD